Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore

Nova Scotia from Dartmouth and Halifax to Mulgrave along the Marine Drive.  Includes Guysborough and part of Halifax counties.

The best playground, work and retirement area in the Maritimes.

Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore is the Place to be in Eastern Canada

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Covering N.S. Marine Drive

Marine Drive Road Sign

If you want a place with peace and quite, away from city noise and traffic, come to Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore.  Steeped in history there are places in the Chedabucto Bay area that are among the oldest settled in North America.  Come for peace, history or recreation, you will forever remember the experience.  We have everything from backwoods camping to one of 10 of the most romantic hotels in the world.  Food is another of the area's specialty.

The information in this website covers Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore region.  This is the area of Nova Scotia in Halifax County, east of Highway 102 and all of Guysborough County.  The map above highlights the area covered. This area is traversed by the Marine Drive which includes Hwy 207 from Dartmouth to Porters Lake, then on Hwy 7 to Stillwater, and 211 to junction with Hwy 316, on 316 to junction with Hwy 16 and on 16 to Hwy 344 at Boylston. Hwy 344 through Mulgrave to junction with Hwy 104.  Other highways in the area available for use are 107, 212 ,224 ,276 ,336 ,348 ,357, and 374.

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