Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore

Nova Scotia from Dartmouth and Halifax to Mulgrave along the Marine Drive.  Includes Guysborough and part of Halifax counties.

The best playground, work and retirement area in the Maritimes.

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Diving along the Eastern Shore

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All of the shipwreck listings are from references about shipwrecks  Whether they can be found and dove on is not known.  Wreck diving is dangerous.  The first shipwreck listed in the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic's On the Rocks database for the Eastern Shore is the L'estourneau wrecked near Canso on 24 Aug 1629.

Map of Listings

Musquodoboit Harbour (49/354)

SS Damara Shipwreck: Musquodoboit Ledge, 5 miles off Jeddore - 30 miles east of Halifax, NS; (44.666791,-63.082345); Sank 1905, Boat dive;

Sheet Harbour (120/283)

Sheet Harbour Shipwrecks: Sheet Harbour, NS; (44.877768,-62.488289); Museum list 20 shipwrecks in the area;
Arctic Trader Shipwreck: East River, Sheet Harbour, NS; (44.918443,-62.515862); Certified divers;

Marie Joseph (169/234)

SS Indian Shipwreck: Off Marie Joseph, NS; outside of Barren Island on Seal Ledges; (44.941321,-62.003152); Sank 1859, Boat dive;

Liscomb (186/217)

Halifax Lightship #19: Crook Shoals, off the mouth of Liscomb Harbour, NS; (44.983317,-61.915601); Sank 1914, Boat dive;
Liscomb Island 1: Liscomb Island, NS; (44.985617,-61.930609); Look for evidence of Captain Kidd from 1748, boat dive;
Scuba Diving

Port Bickerton (219/184)

Schooner Nelson R. 1: Middle Ledge, 7km off Port Bickerton, NS; (45.04357,-61.632199); Sank 1938, Boat dive;

Stormont (249/154)

Mount Misery Dive Site 1: Country Harbour, NS; (45.180464,-61.71082); Scallops dive site;
Scuba Diving
Country Harbour's Shipwrecks: Country Harbour, NS; (45.145726,-61.642284); Museum lists 15 shipwrecks in the harbour;

Drum Head (254/149)

SS Finchley Shipwreck 1: Off of Harbour Island, Drum Head, NS; (45.135464,-61.606829); Sank 1884, Boat dive;
Highflight Shipwreck 1: Off of Goose Island, Drum Head, NS; (45.124171,-61.566038); Boat dive;
SS Ealing Shipwreck 1: Southeast Breaker, off Drum Head, NS - approximately 3 miles off shore; (45.102608,-61.552305); Sank 1896, Boat dive;
Lord Lyons Shipwreck: Seal Harbour, NS; (45.151598,-61.576917); Schooner sank 1884;

New Harbour (248/145)

New Harbour Shipwrecks: New Harbour, NS; (45.153656,-61.455131); Museum lists 8 shipwrecks since 1877;

Fox Island (304/99)

Fox Island Dive Site 1: West side Fox Island, Guysborough Co., NS; (45.355161,-61.100321); Marine life, Boat dive;
Scuba DivingSnorkel Diving

Guysborough (345/58)

Salmon River Canoe Route 1: Hwy 16, Dorts Cove, NS; (45.345902,-61.63305); Many snorkeling and dive sites, freshwater;
Snorkel Diving

Canso (312/102)

Canso Harbour Dive Area 1: Canso Harbour, NS; (45.340201,-60.991902); rine life and ship relics, Boat dive;
Scuba Diving
SS Cedar Grove Shipwreck 1: Off of Walkers Head, Cape Island, Canso, NS; (45.290075,-60.947821); Sank 1882, Boat dive;
FV Irish Patriot Shipwreck 1: Off of Cranberry Island, Canso, NS; (45.3275,-60.927951); Sank 1953, Boat dive;
SS Blaamanden Shipwreck: White Point Ledges - 8 km south of Canso,NS; (45.245177,-60.980841); Sank 1902, Boat dive;
SS Arrow (Bow and Stern): Cerberus Rock, Chedabucto Bay, NS (off West Arichat); (45.464194,-61.107441); Sank 1970, Boat dive;
ShipwreckScuba Diving
Schooner Tiber Shipwreck: Rocky Bay, Isle Madame, NS; (45.548077,-60.934839); Sank 1887, Boat dive;

Little Dover (330/108)

FV Gloriana Shipwreck: White Point Ledges - 5 miles south of Canso, NS; (45.24486,-60.980669); Sank 1903, Boat dive;
Tiber Shipwreck: White Point Ledges - 5 miles south of Canso, NS; (45.24486,-60.980669); Sank 1902, Boat dive;

Mulgrave (397/6)

Canso Causeway/Auld`s Cove Diving Area 1: Canso Causeway, NS; (45.643328,-61.421242); Shore & boat diving mainland side;
Scuba Diving
Canso Strait Diving Area 1: Mulgrave to Sand Point, NS; (45.563583,-61.345711); Many shore dive sites, artifacts can be found;
Scuba Diving
SS Baleina Shipwreck 1: Off Red Head Point, Hadleyville, NS; (45.484327,-61.213617); Sank 1921, Boat dive;


  1. Get Out in Guysborough County; Guysborough County Regional Development Authority; 2004


Distance Start Points: Dartmouth @ Portland St. & Highway 111, (44.672193,-63.534243), and the Junction of Highway 104 & 316, (45.648968,-61.439424) north of Mulgrave.

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