Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore

Nova Scotia from Dartmouth and Halifax to Mulgrave along the Marine Drive.  Includes Guysborough and part of Halifax counties.

The best playground, work and retirement area in the Maritimes.


Museums, Libraries, Public Internet and Historical Sites on the Eastern Shore

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Historical Gazetteer of Guysborough County Places

Map of Listings

Marine Drive:

Distances from: Dartmouth/Junction 104 & 316 (km) along Marine Drive.

West Chezzetcook (33/370)

Acadian House Museum / L'Acadie de Chezzetcook: 79 Hill Rd, West Chezzetcook, NS; (44.706608,-63.261366); 902-827-5992; wcgdcig@bellaliant.com; Rates: $2-5; Hours: 10am–4:30pm daily (closed Mon) or by appointment; Open between Jul 1 - Aug 31;
MuseumGifts & SouvenirsFood AvailableInernetPublic WashroomWheelchair AccessibleBus Tours

Musquodoboit Harbour (49/354)

Musquodoboit Railway Museum: 7895 Main St (Hwy 7), Musquodoboit Harbour, NS; (44.786358,-63.150083); 902-889-2689; Rates: Free; Hours: 9am–4pm daily (STC); Open between Jun 1 - Aug 31;
MuseumVICGifts & SouvenirsPublic WashroomWheelchair Accessible
Musquodoboit Harbour Library: 7900 #7 Highway, Musquodoboit Harbour, NS; (44.790166,-63.142873); 902-889-2227; Hours: Vary; Open Tue-Sat;
Old School Community Gathering Place: 7962 #7 Highway, Musquodoboit Harbour, NS; (44.788308,-63.145941); 902-889-2735; oldschoolmusquodoboitharbour@hotmail.com; Hours: Vary; Open Tue-Sat;

Jeddore Oyster Pond (61/342)

Fisherman's Life Museum: 58 Navy Pool Loop, Jeddore Oyster Pond, NS; (44.777448,-63.016169); Martha Monk, 902-889-2053; monkma@gov.ns.ca; Rates: $2.75-8.50; Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am - 5 pm, Sunday 11am - 5pm; Open between Jun 1 - Oct 5;
MuseumInernetBus Tours

Lake Charlotte (66/337)

Memory Lane Heritage Village: 5435 Clam Harbour Rd, Lake Charlotte, NS; (44.76642,-62.948792); 902-845-1937 or 877-287-0697; info@heritagevillage.ca; Rates: $4–6, F(12), family $16; group rates; Hours: daily; O/S by appointment; Open between Jun 15 - Sep 15; Route to Your Roots's Video;
MuseumGenealogyFood AvailableGifts & SouvenirsInernetBus Tours

Sheet Harbour (120/283)

MacPhee House Community Museum: 22404 Main St, Sheet Harbour, NS; (44.927833,-62.5441); 902-885-2092; j.w@ns.sympatico.ca; Rates: Donations; Hours: STC; O/S by appointment; Open between May 18 - Oct 9;
MuseumVICInernetBus Tours
Sheet Harbour Library: 22756 #7 Highway, Sheet Harbour, NS; (44.917828,-62.527133); 902-885-2391; Hours: Vary; Open Tue-Sat;

Moser River (151/252)

Moser River CAP Site: Moser River, NS B0J2K0; (44.970506,-62.25749); 902-347-2223;

Sherbrooke (190/213)

Sherbrooke Village: 42 Main St, Sherbrooke, NS B0J 3C0; (45.137266,-61.984888); 902-522-2400 or 888-743-7845; Rates: Child - $4.75, Adult - $11.75; Hours: 9:30am–5pm daily; Open between Jun 1 - Sep 27;
MuseumVICFood AvailableGifts & SouvenirsInernetPublic WashroomBus Tours
St. Mary's River Salmon Museum: 8404 Hwy 7, Sherbrooke, NS; (45.152748,-61.975018); Joanne Mailman, 902-522-2099; stmarysriver@ns.sympatico.ca; Rates: Donation; Hours: daily 9:30am–5pm; Open between Jun 1 - Sep 15;
MuseumGifts & SouvenirsBus Tours
Sherbrooke Library: 11 Main Street, P.O. Box 177, Sherbrooke, NS, B0J 3C0; (45.142033,-61.982957); 902-522-2180; sherbroo@nsme.library.ns.ca; Hours: Vary; Open Mon-Sat;

Goldenville (197/206)

Goldenville Gold Mining Interpretive Centre: Goldenville, NS; (45.124292,-62.008903); 902-522-4653; Rates: adult $2.50, child $1, family max $10; Open between Jun 1 - Aug 31;
MuseumGifts & SouvenirsWheelchair AccessibleBus Tours

Port Bickerton (219/184)

Port Bickerton Lighthouse Interpretive Centre: 630 Lighthouse Rd, Port Bickerton, NS; (45.089884,-61.697001); 902-364-2000; pbnslighthouse@gmail.com; Rates: $3-7; Hours: Open daily 9am–5pm.; Open between Jun 15 - Sep 15;
MuseumGifts & SouvenirsCash Only

Goldboro (248/155)

Goldboro Interpretive Centre: 12881 Hwy 316, Goldboro, NS; (45.182279,-61.652062); Hours: Tues–Sun 10:30am–4:30pm; Open between Jun 30 - Aug 31;
MuseumWheelchair Accessible

Stormont (249/154)

Loyalist Trail: Country Harbour, NS; (45.205717,-61.694135); Trail Length: 2.2 km (one way); Open all year;
Historical Site

Larry's River (281/122)

Larry's River CAP Site: 6202 316 Hwy, Larry's River, B0H 1T0; (45.221015,-61.377014); 902-525-2806;

Charlos Cove (287/116)

Charlos Cove CAP Site: 53 Charlos Cove Loop, Charles Cove, B0H 1T0; (45.247338,-61.334227); 902-525-2210;

Canso (312/102)

Canso Islands National Historic Site: 1465 Union St, Canso, NS; (45.335706,-60.990865); 902-366-3136; information@pc.gc.ca; Rates: Donations; Hours: 10am-6pm; Open between Jul 1 - Sep 2;
Historical SiteWheelchair Accessible
Canso Museum: Whitman House: 1297 Union St, Canso, NS; (45.336943,-60.996058); Martha Kavanaugh, 902-366-2170; cansotouristbureau@ns.sympatico.ca; Rates: Donation; Hours: 9am–5pm daily; O/S by request; Open May - Sept;
Whitman House
Whitman House Museum is the restored three-story home of Canso's most prominent 19th century family, the Whitman's.  The museum is filled with folk art, period furniture, photographs and other memorabilia.  A key feature of the museum is the Widow's Walk. The Widow's Walk is a look out, located on the roof of the home, which was used by women of the day to watch for loved ones coming home from sea.  A Visitor Information Centre is also located in the museum.

MuseumGenealogyVICWheelchair AccessibleBus Tours
Canso Library: 169 Main Street, P.O. Box 44, Canso, NS, B0H 1H0; (45.334681,-60.998136); 902-366-2955; canso@nsme.library.ns.ca; Hours: Vary; Open Mon-Sat;
Commercial Cable Company and Trans Atlantic Park: Hwy 16, Hazel Hill, NS; (45.327923,-61.028159); 902-366-3850; Commercial Cable Rehab Soc;

Cable Building ThenThe foundations of affordable modern communication between mainland North America, Europe and the rest of the world were laid in the 1880s when Trans-Atlantic submarine cable services were established between Europe and Eastern Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, breaking the cable monopoly of Anglo-American Telegraph Company operating from Newfoundland.
In 1883 John William MacKay (1831-1902), an American financier who made his fortune from silver mines, joined forces with James Gordon Bennett (1841-1918) in the founding of the Commercial Cable Company.
Bennett was the aggressive publisher and proprietor of the New York Herald, a newspaper prominent in publishing international stories. To build his publishing empire, Bennett employed state-of-the-art technology to increase his circulation. Breaking the cable monopoly of the Anglo-American Telegraph Company and bringing prices down for Bennett's newspapers was a primary reason for the partnership with MacKay.
The partnership between MacKay and Bennett became the Commercial Cable Company. The partners selected Dover Bay, Guysborough County for the cable landing site and Hazel Hill for their base of operation. Their first transatlantic cable from Canso to Waterville, Ireland was laid in 1884.
The cable was landed in Fox Island and went across the peninsula via a series of lakes to Dover Bay. The lakes were used to lay cable (this decreased the amount of labour required to dig trenches for laying of cable). Hazel Hill was central to the lakes, Fox Island and Dover Bay and was chosen for that reason.
The laying of Commercial Cable’s first cable by the ship Faraday broke the cable-laying speed record in July 1884 by laying the newest Atlantic cable in 12 days. Eventually Commercial Cable expanded to include its own cable laying and maintenance ships such as the MacKay - Bennett (which was engaged by White Star Lines to recover bodies from the Titanic disaster) and the John W. MacKay. By 1923 they had six cables and the transatlantic cables communicated with the continent of Europe via Waterville and Le Havre.
Cable Building NowAlmost all cable operators were rigidly trained in England and virtually all cable office instruments were the production of English inventors or scientists. (The company was owned by Americans, the operators were English; and I thought the technology was German – the cable (Siemens) was for sure). The Creed Automatic Printing Device, an instrument used in nearly every cable office in the world, was invented by Frederick Creed, a native of Nova Scotia (Scotia not Scotian) who, for several years, lived in Canso.
Commercial Cable was sold to International Telegraph and Telephone (ITT) in 1927 which, in turn, was acquired by Western Union in 1988. The Canso Station ceased operations in 1962, marking the end of an era and contributed to the decline of the Hazel Hill - Canso economy.
Historical Site

Half Island Cove (315/88)

Out of the Fog Lighthouse Museum: Hwy 16, Half Island Cove, NS; (45.345812,-61.200213); Paul Ehler, 902-358-2108; keepersofthebeacons@seasidehighspeed.com; Rates: Donations; Hours: Thur–Mon 10am–6pm; Open between Jun 15 - Sep 20;

Lighthouse LightOut of the Fog Museum is run by Keepers of the Beacons. The members are lightkeepers & their families, fishermen and people who have a great love for their heritage. The society was formed in 2000 to assist in protecting and preserving lighthouses. We have worked hard over the past years collecting artifacts to relate what it was like to live on a remote lighthouse. We have dedicated long hours of hard work to this beautiful museum. Keepers of the Beacons is a registered non-profit organization. All work is volunteer, with the exception of a summer student.
The mandate for the museum is to collect, preserve and interpret material related to the lighthouses of Nova Scotia. The museum will trace the history of these lighthouses from the time of building, until present day. The museum will interpret the role of the history, of the lives of the many who served as Lighthouse Keepers.
We are the only Lighthouse Museum in Nova Scotia. If you want to learn more, come see us. You just may meet a Lightkeeper, as there are still a few around and they stop in from time to time.

MuseumGifts & SouvenirsWheelchair AccessibleBus Tours

Halfway Cove (334/69)

Prince Henry Sinclair Monument: Hwy 16, Halfway Cove, NS; (45.347923,-61.421156); 902-533-4016; princehssp@aol.com; Rates: Free; Also see Boylston Provincial Park;
Historical SiteWheelchair Accessible

Guysborough (345/58)

The Old Court House Museum: 106 Church St, Guysborough, NS; (45.390554,-61.500871); 902-533-4008; guysborough.historical@ns.sympatico.ca; Rates: Donations; Hours: Mon–Fri 9am–5pm, Sat–Sun 10am–5pm (STC) and by appointment; Open between Jun 1 - Oct 1; Route to Your Roots's Video;

Court HouseThe Old Court House Museum is located in one of the most scenic areas in Nova Scotia in the historic shire town of Guysborough at the head of beautiful Chedabucto Bay. The Museum has been preserved and restored by the Guysborough Historical Society and it retains the integrity of the original purpose of the public building. Since 1976 the Society has used the building to promote a better understanding of our cultural heritage and as an information centre for visitors to Guysborough County.
The Guysborough District Court House was constructed in 1842-43 in the British Bulldog-style of architecture. During its 130 year history, the building served not only as a court house, but as a town hall, a venue for political debates such as Confederation, a polling station, a site for enlistment for duty during the World Wars, and even as an exhibition centre during agricultural fairs. In 1973 it was replaced by facilities within the newly-constructed Guysborough Municipal Building.
The architectural style of the building is typical of early court houses, few of which remain in Nova Scotia today. However, the old court house has several unique features including a projecting enclosed porch with a gable roof at the main entrance, and attractive windows arranged symmetrically around the building with their tracery pattern culminating in an unusual pointed arch. The building’s simple classic style and prominent site were chosen to reinforce its importance as the centre for justice and "to express the dignity and solemnity appropriate for the courts of law."
Numerous artefacts, which provide a glimpse of how people lived and made a living in the past, have been donated or loaned to the Museum by local residents. The Museum has a large quantity of tools and handcrafts collected from the Acadian and Black settlements in the area and other items on exhibit that emphasize Guysborough County’s long marine, agricultural and lumbering history.
Highlights of the Museum include a diorama of the three French forts built on nearby Fort Point peninsula between 1634 and 1684, small exhibits of local historical interest and displays of photographs and maps of early Guysborough.

MuseumGenealogyHistorical SiteVICGifts & SouvenirsInernetPublic WashroomWheelchair AccessibleBus Tours
Guysborough Library: 27 Pleasant St./P.O. Box 191, Guysborough, NS, B0H 1N0; (45.389409,-61.498615); 902-533-3586; cyrilwar@nsme.library.ns.ca; Hours: Vary; Open Mon-Sat;
LibraryInernetWheelchair Accessible
Ant/Guys Black Development CAP Site: 9996 Chedabucto Mall Unit F, Guysborough, B0H 1N0; (45.38574,-61.504825); 902-533-3397;
Sunnyville CAP Site: 28 Sunnyville Rd, Guysborough, B0H 1N0; (45.386862,-61.535801); 902-533-2101;

Mulgrave (397/6)

Mulgrave Heritage Centre and VIC: 54 Loggie St, Mulgrave, NS; (45.615839,-61.389985); 902-747-2788; mhc@bellaliant.com; Rates: Admission $2, student $1, family $5, F(8); Hours: 9am-6pm daily; Open between Jun 18 - Sep 3;
MuseumVICGifts & SouvenirsInernetPublic Washroom
Mulgrave Library: 390 Murray Street, P.O. Bag 2500 Mulgrave, NS, B0E 2G0; (45.608394,-61.394223); 902-747-2588; mulgrave@nsme.library.ns.ca; Hours: Vary; Open Mon-Sat;

Off Marine Drive:

Distance (km) off Marine Drive via Highway indicated.

Aspen (17 on Hwy 7)

Baird's Tradesmen Museum: 12455 Hwy 7, Aspen, NS; (45.305531,-62.054093); Danny & Sally Baird, 902-833-2219; tradesmen.museum@gmail.com; Rates: $2 or $4; Hours: 10am–5pm daily; Jun & Oct by appointment; Open between Jul 1 - Oct 1;

Moose River Gold Mines (35 on Mooseland Rd)

Moose River Gold Mines Museum: 6990 Moose River Rd, Moose River Gold Mines, NS; (44.984956,-62.942226); 902-384-2006; Rates: Free; Hours: 10am–5pm daily (STC); Open between Jul 1 - Aug 31;
MuseumWheelchair AccessibleBus Tours

Markland Settlement (42 on Mooseland Rd)

Icelandic Memorial: 380 Caribou Rd, Long Lake, NS; (45.03059,-62.967639); Glenda Burrows, 902-860-3551; glendaburrows@eastlink.ca; Rates: Free; Open year-round;
Historical SiteWheelchair AccessibleBus Tours

Goshen (34 on Hwy 316)

Goshen CAP Site: 985 Hwy 316, Goshen, B0H 1M0; (45.377895,-61.974185); 902-783-2107;

Lincolnville (9 on Hwy 16)

Lincolnville CAP Site: 88 Lincolnville Loop, Lincolnville, B0H 1W0; (45.507851,-61.546197); 902-232-2629;

Upper Big Tracadie (20 on Hwy 16)

Upper Big Tracadie CAP Site: 272 Rte 16, Upper Big Tracadie, B0H 1W0; (45.568375,-61.600088); 902-232-2612;


Distance Start Points: Dartmouth @ Portland St. & Highway 111, (44.672193,-63.534243), and the Junction of Highway 104 & 316, (45.648968,-61.439424) north of Mulgrave.

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