Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore

Nova Scotia from Dartmouth and Halifax to Mulgrave along the Marine Drive.  Includes Guysborough and part of Halifax counties.

The best playground, work and retirement area in the Maritimes.


Information for the Eastern Shore

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"The Eastern Shore is a region of Nova Scotia Canada. It is the Atlantic coast running northeast from Halifax Harbour to the eastern end of the peninsula at the Strait of Canso.
The Eastern Shore is a scenic, yet sparsely settled area, hosting dozens of small fishing harbours and communities; in recent decades the region has become home to a growing number of cottages and recreational properties, given the amount of unspoiled sand beaches and dramatic coastlines. The shore also hosts the majority of Nova Scotia's small islands." (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Visitors Information Centers (VIC): VIC

Map of Listings

Musquodoboit Harbour (49/354)

Musquodoboit Railway Museum: 7895 Main St (Hwy 7), Musquodoboit Harbour, NS; (44.786358,-63.150083); 902-889-2689; Hours: 9am–4pm daily (STC); Open between Jun 1 - Aug 31

Sheet Harbour (120/283)

MacPhee House Community Museum: 22404 Main St, Sheet Harbour, NS; (44.927833,-62.5441); 902-885-2092; Hours: STC; Open between May 18 - Oct 9

Sherbrooke (190/213)

Sherbrooke Village: 42 Main St, Sherbrooke, NS B0J 3C0; (45.137266,-61.984888); 902-522-2400 or 888-743-7845; Hours: 9:30am–5pm daily; Open between Jun 1 - Sep 27

Canso (312/102)

Canso Museum: Whitman House: 1297 Union St, Canso, NS; (45.336943,-60.996058); Martha Kavanaugh, 902-366-2170; canconn@atcon.com; Hours: 9am–5pm daily; O/S by request; Open between Jun 1 - Sep 30

Guysborough (345/58)

The Old Court House Museum: 106 Church St, Guysborough, NS; (45.390554,-61.500871); 902-533-4008; guysborough.historical@ns.sympatico.ca; Hours: Mon–Fri 9am–5pm, Sat–Sun 10am–5pm (STC) and by appointment; Open between Jun 1 - Oct 1

Mulgrave (397/6)

Mulgrave Heritage Centre and VIC: 54 Loggie St, Mulgrave, NS; (45.615839,-61.389985); 902-747-2788; mhc@bellaliant.com; Hours: 9am-6pm daily; Open between Jun 18 - Sep 3

Real Estate Agents serving Eastern Shore

Del Mar Realty Inc.

Martha Anderson: 1219 Union St., Canso, NS; 902-863-8908; delmarrealty@ns.aliantzinc.ca;

Sceles Realty

Marilyn Sceles: Boylston, NS; (45.433786,-61.506726); 902-318-5678; marilynsceles@yahoo.ca

Coastal Winds Realty

Carmel Avery-MacDonald: Guysborough, NS; 902-870-4880; carmel@coastalwindsrealty.com;