Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore

Nova Scotia from Dartmouth and Halifax to Mulgrave along the Marine Drive.  Includes Guysborough and part of Halifax counties.

The best playground, work and retirement area in the Maritimes.


Maps and Travel Distance/Times on the Eastern Shore

Maps of Page Listings:

Table of Distance and Drive Times:

The distances are in kilometers and time in hours and minutes.  This information is taken from Google Maps.  Google Maps calculates the time by taking the distance and maximum road speed for each section of the route selected.  You can see the Google Map of the route by clicking on the link in the junction cell of the two locations wanted.

Distance/Time Antigonish Canso Cape Breton Charlos Cove Dartmouth Guysborough Halifax Airport Liscomb Mills Mulgrave Musquodoboit Harbour New Glasgow New Harbour Sheet Harbour Sherbrooke
Antigonish 111k/1h40m 52k/38m 95k/1h44m 264k/3h47m 63k/54m 184k/1h48m 87k/1h11m 56k/41m 215k/3h 57k/40m 98k/1h26m 144k/2h2m 62k/51m
Canso 111k/1h40m 102k/1h31 42k/41m 329k/5h25m 48k/47m 293k/3h23m 153k/2h24m 101k/1h36m 280k/4h39m 213k/3h49m 60k/59m 208k/3h15m 126k/2h4m
Cape Breton 52k/38m 102k/1h31 87k/1h34m 413k/6h10m 61k/55m 234k/2h19m 138k/1h43m 8k/8m 233k/3h1m 107k/1h11m 86k/1h38m 196k/2h26m 112k/1h22m
Charlos Cove 95k/1h44m 42k/41m 87k/1h34m 287k/4h44m 32k/51m 275k/3h24m 111k/2h9m 85k/1h40m 238k/3h58m 149k/2h15m 18k/18m 167k/3h 85k/1h49m
Dartmouth 264k/3h47m 329k/5h25m 413k/6h10m 287k/4h44m 345k/5h37m 29k/19m 176km/2h35m 398k/6h26m 49km/46m 211k/3h4m 271k/4h31m 120k/1h44m 202k/2h57m
Guysborough 63k/54m 48k/47m 61k/55m 32k/51m 345k/5h37m 243k/2h46m 109k/1h44m 53k/49m 236h/3h33m 118k/1h28m 40k/59m 165k/2h35m 83k/1h23m
Halifax Airport 184k/1h48m 293k/3h23m 234k/2h19m 275k/3h24m 29k/19m 243k/2h46m 161k/2h24m 236k/2h21m 61k/45m 127k/1h15m 258k/3h8m 105k/1h33m 214k/2h22m
Liscomb Mills 87k/1h11m 153k/2h24m 138k/1h43m 111k/2h9m 176km/2h35m 109k/1h44m 161k/2h24m 142k/1h47m 127k/1h49m 114k/1h37m 95k/1h56m 56k/51m 26k/22m
Mulgrave 56k/41m 101k/1h36m 8k/8m 85k/1h40m 398k/6h26m 53k/49m 236k/2h21m 142k/1h47m 321k/5h7m 111k/1h16m 85k/1h43m 200k/2h28m 116k/1h27m
Musquodoboit Harbour 215k/3h 280k/4h39m 233k/3h1m 238k/3h58m 49km/46m 236h/3h33m 61k/45m 127k/1h49m 321k/5h7m 162k/2h18m 222k/3h45m 71k/58m 153k/2h10m
New Glasgow 57k/40m 213k/3h49m 107k/1h11m 149k/2h15m 211k/3h4m 118k/1h28m 127k/1h15m 114k/1h37m 111k/1h16m 162k/2h18m 132k/2h1m 91k/1h21m 89k/1h16m
New Harbour 98k/1h26m 60k/59m 86k/1h38m 18k/18m 271k/4h31m 40k/59m 258k/3h8m 95k/1h56m 85k/1h43m 222k/3h45m 132k/2h1m 151k/2h46m 69k/1h35m
Sheet Harbour 144k/2h2m 208k/3h15m 196k/2h26m 167k/3h 120k/1h44m 165k/2h35m 105k/1h33m 56k/51m 200k/2h28m 71k/58m 91k/1h21m 151k/2h46m 82k/1h13m
Sherbrooke 62k/51m 126k/2h4m 112k/1h22m 85k/1h49m 202k/2h57m 83k/1h23m 214k/2h22m 26k/22m 116k/1h27m 153k/2h10m 89k/1h16m 69k/1h35m 82k/1h13m


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