Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore

Nova Scotia from Dartmouth and Halifax to Mulgrave along the Marine Drive.  Includes Guysborough and part of Halifax counties.

The best playground, work and retirement area in the Maritimes.

Fox Island Shore Stillwater Bridge Fenton's Brook Country Harbour

Nature on the Eastern Shore

Fall colors, occurring in late September to late October, good color along Hwy 357 north of Musquodoboit Harbour, St. Mary's River in Sherbrooke area, and Guysborough and area.  Underlined text are links to further information.

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Musquodoboit Harbour (49/354)

Dunbrack Mine: 5km NW on Hwy 374, Musquodoboit Harbour, NS; (44.819168,-63.190885) A small lead, copper and silver deposit that was worked in the early 1900s, site report;
Rock Collecting

Sherbrooke (190/213)

Arm Brooke Falls: Access from Hwy 7, 1.9km west of Sherbrooke, NS; (45.141307,-62.004447); Access on foot, difficult and seasonal;

Stillwater (194/209)

Archibald Brook Falls: Access by dirt road of Hwy 7, Stillwater, NS; (45.192154,-61.955252); Access on foot, difficult and seasonal;

Isaac's Harbour (246/157)

Isaac's Harbour Falls: Isaac's Harbour River @ Hwy 316, Isaac's Harbour, NS; (45.204659,-61.673141); Passes under highway;

Stormont (249/154)

Carding Mill Brook Falls: North of the Country Harbour ferry west landing, Stormont, NS; (45.181069,-61.720505); Access on foot, or via boat and seasonal;

New Harbour (258/145)

Ashley's Falls: Access by dirt road off Hwy 316, New Harbour, NS; (45.227997,-61.529961); Access on foot, difficult and seasonal;

Half Island Cove (315/88)

Falls between Cooeycoff and Sand Lakes: Access via dirt road heading west, 1.7km on Hwy 316 north of Upper Whitehead, NS; (45.298128,-61.202572); Access on foot, difficult and seasonal;

Guysborough (345/58)

Wells Brook Falls: Old Riverside Rd, Guysborough, NS; (45.414148,-61.51499) 350m trail by brook.;

Boylston (353/50)

Boylston Quarry: Lawrence Rd, Boylston, NS; (45.446042,-61.491866) Reported Minerals: Apatite, Baryte, Calcite, chalcopyrite, dolomite, goethite, pyrite, quartz, and siderite;
Boylston Quarry
Rock Collecting
Moose Point: Moose Point Rd, South Manchester, NS; (45.400107,-61.454991) Veins of calcite and hematite;
Moose Point
Rock Collecting
North Riverside: North Riverside Rd @ Old Monastery Rd, Boylston, NS; (45.460672,-61.569493); Ankerite in quartz veins;
North Riverside Ankerite
Rock Collecting
North Intervale Falls: West of N. Intervale Rd, North Intervale, NS; (45.488749,-61.663084); Access on foot, difficult and seasonal;

Mulgrave (397/6)

Hartley's Falls: Back road from Pirate Harbour, NS; (45.582088,-61.395721); Access on foot, difficult and seasonal;


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Distance Start Points: Dartmouth @ Portland St. & Highway 111, (44.672193,-63.534243), and the Junction of Highway 104 & 316, (45.648968,-61.439424) north of Mulgrave.

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