Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore

Nova Scotia from Dartmouth and Halifax to Mulgrave along the Marine Drive.  Includes Guysborough and part of Halifax counties.

The best playground, work and retirement area in the Maritimes.

Internet Services Available

Internet listings are free and include base information that can include name, address, GPS location, phone, email, and website link.  Also basic information of interest to the tourists. You can get more information via email.


  • Email accounts

    - $10 setup*, $5 per year aftermailbox_name@nseasternshore.com. Storage: 100MB, accessible via email program or web browser.

  • Descriptive Listing

    - $25 setup*, $5 per year after.  Includes a paragraph size listing and a small picture.  Edits at $20/hr minimum of $10.

  • Full Page Listings

    - $40 setup*, $5 per year after.  Includes the content of a full web page with pictures, done in this website page format.  Edits at $20/hr minimum of $10.

  • Page as You Want It

    - $20/hr setup*, $5 per year after.  Same as a Full Page Listing in the page format of your design.  Edits at $20/hr minimum of $10.

  • Hosting and Websites

    - Also available. Contact me for quote or see my web service page.

* Setup includes first year.